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What is Sad Pop?

Sad Pop is a weird, edgy, fluffy Y2K world all about saving things destined for landfill & making something new. Brainchild of Lauren, the vibe is a lot like hers - that meme of kirby holding a knife; little bit cute, little bit scary and pretty weird. Handmade in Melbourne, most of our products are one-off unique pieces. Almost everything, including our store deck out, is made from up-cycled materials, so you can feel good about joining our efforts to reduce waste and give things a new lease on life. Aside from our own products, Sad Pop is here to provide a platform for other local artists, creators and brands to share their work. Some of our friends currently featured in our store are Sausage Woman, Squirb World, Poke Tattoo Packs and Heidi Bird. We also always have pre-loved carefully selected clothes and goodies to thrift. 

So come visit! Get something, get something up-cycled or just hangout! 

Disco Balls

The Sad Poppers

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 10.24.27 pm.png

Lauren Berkeley

Creator of Sad Pop

 A big tiddy goth girl with a big heart. 

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Poke Tattoo Packs

The only Australian based and owned machine free/hand poke tattoo packs company. Everything you need for a safer, cleaner stick and poke tattooing experience.

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Sausage Woman (Olivia Floate)

Olivia makes amazing ceramics by hand in Melbourne. Each object is different, yet no matter what form they take - as cups, vases, candles, pots, pipes, and jugs - they all belong to the one distinct family - the same 'peoples'

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 10.17.05 pm.png

Squirb World  


Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 10.18.06 pm.png

Heidi Bird


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